The ‘Hub’ | Shady Hill School

The ‘Hub’ (STEAM Center) | Shady Hill School

Completed 2017

Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Donohue Center | Lasell College

Donohue Center for Creative and Applied Arts

Lasell College

Completed 2011

Newton, Massachusetts.

Shingle Style Reimagined

Shingle Style Reimagined

Completed 2002

This large three-story wood-frame shingle style vacation house was carefully sited to take advantage of the sweeping views of the ocean and large lot. The house was designed in an open plan to allow visual connections between the separate rooms and allow for ocean views whenever possible.

Student Dormitory | Cambridge School of Weston

Student Dormitory  | Cambridge School of Weston

Completed 2013

Weston, Massachusetts.

With Dorm Parent apartments and a teaching kitchen.

Library Renovation | Thayer Academy

Library and Art Gallery Renovation | Thayer Academy

Completed 2010

Braintree, Massachusetts.

Visiting Scholars Dormitory | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Visiting Scholars Dormitory | Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Completed 2016

Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

Cottage Redux

Cottage Redux

Completed 2004

Set on a small island in northern Maine, this cottage was constructed under a limited budget, which made it imperative to use a number of inexpensive materials such as prefabricated wood attic trusses and vinyl clad windows. The 1,700 square foot residence contains a two story “living hall,” kitchen, one bath, utility/mudroom area, one bedroom downstairs, and a sleeping loft ideal for small children to form lifelong memories of summer vacations at the cottage.

Salem SC Deck

Inside/Outside, Southern Style

Inside/Outside, Southern Style

Completed 2006

Designed with a strong indoor/outdoor connection, this residence utilizes its site perfectly with views to South Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains to the north and Lake Keowee to the south. This indoor/outdoor connection culminates in the Living Hall, where views to both the lake and mountains can be seen, and the glass wall enclosing the room are actually doors which can open up onto the terrace, making it a fully functional open room.  The use of materials, like indigenous stone and local woods, grounds the structure to its hilltop site and helps the house fit in to its surroundings.

Meadow’s Edge

Meadow’s Edge

Completed 1997

Geometry, space, color, and finishes are all vibrant and emotive in this expansive family home nestled on the edge of a meadow.

Modern Maine Farmhouse

Modern Maine Farmhouse With A Distant View

Completed 2011