​​Eck | MacNeely Architects inc. was established in 1976. We believe that architecture is both an art and a service and, most importantly, that good clients make good architecture. The quality of the body of our work is a direct reflection of those principles and of the contact we encourage between client and architect. Integrated sustainability has been our approach since the inception of the firm. 

Jeremiah Eck, FAIA, is a Fellow of the American Institute of Architects, author of House in the Landscape, Face of Home, and The Distinctive Home, and a landscape painter. He is a former lecturer at Harvard University's Graduate School of Design where he continues to offer professional development seminars. In addition, he serves on numerous public service committees. In 2007 Jeremiah was elected to the New England Hall of Fame and in 2012 made an exhibiting member of the Providence Art Club, the second oldest art club in the United States.

Paul MacNeely, AIA, LEED AP, has been with the firm since 1985. His work reflects the firm's focus on residential and institutional architecture and he has worked on commissions with a number of leading teaching institutions throughout New England. A partner since 1994, Paul has been involved in a major transformation of the Thayer Academy campus over the past two decades. He has also been in charge of many of the firm's award-winning residential projects.   

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Jeremiah Eck, FAIA, Partner 


Paul MacNeely, AIA, LEED AP, Partner 

Meredith Chamberlin, RA, AIA, LEED AP,  Junior Partner 


Daniel Eldredge, RA, LEED AP, Architect  


​​​​​Don Bartels, RA, LEED AP B+C, Architect 


Timothy Stewart, Architectural Designer


Katie Wirtz, Architectural Designer  


Weverson Ponte, Architectural Intern


Rebecca Adell MacNeely, PhD, Office Manager

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